Because of preventing the spread of the coronavirus infectious disease, we will make a change to something on 3/1~3/31.

1. Business hours /10:00-16:30

2. Opera concerts and sand art shows are cancelled.

3. Admission Fee will be changed. Adult¥1000, Student¥800, JHS/ES¥500

4. If you feel not good or have a fever, please stay at home. We will decline the visitors who have fever above 37.5C.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest is a one of a kind musical them park, designed with a “European Alps” atmosphere standing beneath a superb view of Mt. Fuji. It holds a world-class collection of automatic musical instruments, including the world's largest "dance organ and doll orchestra" and the Philharmonic Performance Orchestrion designed for the Titanic. Stroll through the seasonally themed, art, and rose gardens, or take in the scenery from the comfort of the restaurant-cafe and shops. With the price of admission, you can also enjoy various musical experiences throughout the day. Particularly interesting are the automatic instrument demonstrations, and one of a kind live performance of musicians and opera singers. Also, experience the sand art storytelling artists backed by live musicians. This park is for all ages, enjoyable in all seasons, rain or shine.

Museum Highlights




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