Admission Fee

General AdmissionAdult ¥1,800Student ¥1,300JHS/ES Student ¥1,000
Group Discount(over 10 people)Adult ¥1,500Student ¥1,100JHS/ES Student ¥800
Evening Admission(after 4pm)Adult ¥1,000Student ¥600JHS/ES Student ¥600
General Admission
Adult ¥1,800Student ¥1,300JHS/ES Student ¥1,000
Group Discount(over 10 people)
Adult ¥1,500Student ¥1,100JHS/ES Student ¥800
Evening Admission(after 4pm)
Adult ¥1,000Student ¥600JHS/ES Student ¥600

The admission fee includes various performances and demonstration tours inside the park grounds.




Business hours /10:00-17:30 (subject to change depending on the season)
Holidays / 1/14~1/24,  2/28, 2020

Savor Classic and Local Cuisine at the Gorgeous Restaurant, Café and Terrace.

The famous restaurant, café, and terrace commands one of the best and most unique views of Mt. Fuji in the area. The restaurant menu has various course choices such as grilled fish, steak, pasta, and an original variation of the local specialty of “hoto” hot-pot noodles. The restaurant uses local ingredients, including fresh water from Mt. Fuji, and locally baked bread. The smaller café serves fresh sweets, pastries and drinks. Of course, there are seasonal variations offered on the menu throughout the year. Major credit cards accepted.

Enjoy the Various Specialty Shops of the Museum and Experience Workshops.

The Music Forest Museum has a main shop in the beautiful “never-never land” shop building, as well as a smaller seasonal shop with changing themes such as fragrance and Mt. Fuji themed goods. The main shop has a specialty shop of chocolate from around the world with sampling, as well as Mt. Fuji themed goods, music box pieces, and local souvenirs. On the second floor of the main shop is the music box making workshop for all ages. Major credit cards accepted.

Medieval Costume Dress Up Experience.

Patrons can enjoy the medieval princess and prince “dress up” experience at the museum. A wide selection of beautiful European dresses and costumes are available to try on for all ages and genders. Adult charges are 1,000 yen and children 500 yen for 90 minutes.

The Hourly Automated "Carillon" Chime Clock Tower and Other Musical Events

On the hour, the automated conductor doll appears from the "Carillon" chime clock tower in musical unison with the spraying fountain in the gardens pond. In the restaurant, every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, there is a lunchtime concert. Additionally, there are various seasonal and special events, such as the musical clown performance, and the Tamagawa Traditional Swiss Alphorn Club.