Main Hall Performances and Events

The One of a Kind Performances of Automated Instruments and Live Opera Singers.

The Main Hall in the History Hall building stages demonstration concerts of various automatic musical instruments. Also staged here are one of a kind, world-class collaborative performance of grand automatic instruments with live opera singers. There are also other seasonally themed performances.

At set times throughout the day, the various orchestrions and automatic instruments are demonstrated by knowledgeable staff. Detailed English and simplified Chinese explanations of the instruments are provided on large screens, as well as explanations of the classic music pieces during the performances. These unique performances are truly amazing experiences.

Performance Times
10:30-10:50: Regular Concert
11:40-12:00: Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
12:30-12:50: Automatic Instruments with tap-dancer
13:40-14:00: Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
14:30-14:50: Regular Concert
15:45-16:05: Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
16:35-16:55: Automatic Instruments with tap-dancer
05/06/2020 update

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