Automatic Musical Instruments Museum and Musical Automata Salon

Take in the Sounds and Beauty of the Rare Collection of Automatic Music Pieces.

The automatic musical instrument museum and automata doll salon is located on the first and second floors of the impressive “History Hall” building. The first floor is dedicated to automatic instruments from America, and the second floor to Automata Musical Dolls from Europe and other countries around the world. The History Hall is decorated with many features and installments imported from Europe, including grand chandeliers, and a marvelous stairwell inspired by the one in the Titanic.

The vast collection of automatic instruments is displayed with English explanations, and the Knowledgeable staff give demonstrations of the instruments at set times throughout the day. The both antique and modern instruments and automata vary in size and type, from large automatons to wind up music boxes and automated dolls. Included is the magnificent “Hellenkimse Castle” from Switzerland, the large centerpiece of the salon, with intricate detail, decoration, lighting, and music.

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