Organ Hall Performances and Events

The Unique Performances of the Dance Hall Organ Orchestra and Sand Art Storytelling with Live Music.

The Organ Hall has various performances throughout the day including the regular dance organ concert, organ demonstration tour, and the one of a kind collaborative performance of sand art storytelling with live classical musicians. The dance organ and automated doll orchestra concert is a fun and magical experience. The sand artist and live music performance tells classic folk stories and fairy tales, projected on the screen, along with explanations in English, simplified Chinese and Thai. The sand artist weaves images in and out of the canvas, like a transforming ink painting, accompanied by the moving music of the musicians.

Performance Times:
9:10-9:20: Regular Dance Organ Concert
10:05-10:20: Organ Demonstration Tour
11:00-11:30: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
12:10-12:20: Regular Dance Organ Concert
13:00-13:30: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
14:20-14:35: Organ Demonstration Tour
15:10-15:40: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
16:20-16:30: Regular Dance Organ Concert
17:05-17:20: Organ Demonstration Tour

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